2010 Summit of Awesome Schedule*

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The Summit of Awesome is three days of business and technical education seminars as well as hands-on workshops produced by the non-profit Hello Craft. Taking place in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, OR, from June 16 to 18, this year’s Summit is co-produced by Hello Craft’s event partners and PDX craft superstars, Crafty Wonderland and DIY Lounge. Summit seminar topics range from how to organize craft fairs and develop successful product lines to teaching crafters how to prepare taxes and form LLC’s. At the 2nd annual Summit, Craftnote speakers are crafty renaissance man Mark Montano and BuyOlympia founders Pat Castaldo and Aaron Tuller. Full speaker list can be found here. A special addition to this year’s event is the “Show of Awesome,” a 40-vendor craft show on Saturday, June 19, at Doug Fir Lounge.

Wednesday June 16

10 am – Alberta Arts District Tour

If you’re a newbie to the Portland area, or just want to learn a little more about your surroundings, don’t miss this two hour walking tour with Hilary Pfeifer (aka Bunny with a Toolbelt.) Hilary will be your tour guide of the creative neighborhood she calls home: the Alberta Arts District. Bring your travel mug and we’ll start with coffee at Frock Boutique (1439 Northeast Alberta Street), and you’ll get the inside scoop on the best places to eat, drink, and get your craft on while you’re at the Summit of Awesome. In her spare time, Hilary works with Art on Alberta, an all volunteer nonprofit organization who works to promote this neighborhood’s amazing creative history with art and educational activities, so you’ll also learn a bit about the neighborhood and the public art that abounds.

12 pm – Lunch on your own

12:30 pm Registration and Check in – Kennedy School

12:30 pm Make Something Awesome Area opens – Kennedy School, Gymnasium

1:30 pm – Welcome – Gymnasium

2 pm Afternoon Sessions:

Learning Sessions -

  • Getting Press for your Business with Kari Chapin and Christine Ernest – Library. This session will present a modern twist on how to pitch various media outlets. Attendees will leave the session with three angles about their individual business they did not have previously. The session will also present press etiquette, how to develop an electronic press packet and writing press releases.
  • Finding your Niche with Amanda Siska – Jordan Don’t sell to the whole world! Find out how niche markets are your friend, how to find yours and successfully market your goods within this frame.
  • Online Marketing Mistakes with Diane Gilleland* – Parsons Don’t fall prey to these mistakes. Join Diane on a talk focused on common mistakes craft business owners make when they try to market in the online space. This includes broadcasting marketing messages in engagement spaces, blogging only about products, and failing to participate with other people in the online space.

Workshops -

  • Craft Booth Set Up with Jenn Hill, Jenny Tiffany and Caitlin Phillips – Gym Are you displaying your creations in the most effective way? Does your booth seem well stocked and inviting or just cluttered and jam packed? Learn from a real life example of a craft fair display and learn the dos and don’ts of craft fair set up.
  • Screen Printing with Christy Petterson – Gym Learn a simple screen printing technique with Christy Petterson, then try your hand at it yourself and print a design onto a handkerchief. Bring a cotton t-shirt, scarf or tote bag to print on instead.

3:30 pm Afternoon Sessions

Learning Sessions -

  • Connecting to your Community with Isaac Watson – Library The PDX crafting community is alive and well. Isaac Watson will walk you through must make local connections and what opportunities are available for crafters just like you! Session highlights include identifying motives, becoming a catalyst, developing synergy and making a difference.
  • Legalities of starting your business with Elizabeth Newell – Jordan Forming a small business can be a daunting task. We’ll explore the pros and cons of various entity forms (including LLCs and corporations) versus working as a sole proprietor under an assumed business name. We’ll also discuss the various steps to take when getting your business up and running.
  • Green craft: sourcing materials and business practices with Becky Striepe, Stephanie Weber and Christine Claringbold – Parsons Learn how easy it is to be a green crafter from all angles of the craft world including making and selling. This session’s highlights include sourcing greener materials, marketing your greener side and why all crafters should embrace environmental sustainability.

Workshops -

  • Unblocking your Creativity with Danielle Maveal – Gym Ever get in an artistic rut that you can’t seem to break through? Danielle will walk you through some simple techniques designed to get your creative juices flowing once again.
  • Zine Making 101 with Justin Hocking – Gym With just a few simple tools like paper, you too can create and publish your very own zine. Learn the basics in this 101 workshop from the pros of self publishing at the Independent Publishing Resource Center

5 pm Dinner on your own

7 pm Hello Craft Welcome Party – Kennedy School

Thursday June 17

8:30 am Check in and Breakfast – Kennedy School

9 am Make something Awesome Area opens – Gymnasium

9 am Morning Announcements – Theater

9:15 am Morning Sessions

Learning Sessions –

  • Brick and Morter: how to run a brick & mortar shop with Angie Heiney, Ali Wykhuis, Pat Castaldo and Aaron Tuller – Jordan Learn about owning and running a brick and mortar shop with an emphasis on indie and handmade. Highlights include different models and the importance of business relationships
  • Using Social Media to Market your Goods with Willo O’Brien and Richard Fox – Parsons With so many social networks out there which one should you be utilizing? What about a blog? In this session learn how online tools can be used to market your craft and help you connect to the larger crafting community.
  • The story of My Paper Crane with Heidi Kenney – Theater Heidi is best known in the craft world for her signature plush donuts, toast, tampons and even toilet paper. She has sold at numerous craft fairs, exhibited around the world and profiled in many print publications. Hear about her journey as a crafter, maker of plush and pick up some pointers along the way.

Workshops -

  • Screen Printing with Christy Petterson – Gym Learn a simple screen printing technique with Christy Petterson, then try your hand at it yourself and print a design onto a handkerchief. Bring a cotton t-shirt, scarf or tote bag if you want instead.
  • Encaustic Painting with Bridget Benton – Gym This technique is all the rage. In this simple introduction to encaustic paining, learn about the materials and techniques used to create a small design with wax and paint. This session is limited to 16 people.

10:30 am Morning Sessions

Learning Sessions –

  • Monetizing your website and online advertising basics with Sara Dick and Christine Ernest – Library This introduction to online advertising will teach you how to monetize your Web site. Topics include how to analyze your online visitors and how to set up the life of an online ad, from the planning phase to the collection of money from advertisers.
  • How To Maximize Your Craft Show Sales with Caitlin Phillips – Jordan Whether you’re about to participate in your first craft show, or you have years of experience, learning a few simple but powerful sales techniques can dramatically increase your sales. Learn all the ways to talk to your customers, from effective greetings, to asking the right questions, and most importantly, closing the sale. Discover how to deal with difficult customers, and how engaging your customers can lead to long term relationships, a loyal base, and repeat sales.
  • Wholesaling with Angie Heiney, Ali Wykhuis and Scott McCarty – Parsons Wholesale can be the bread and butter of an independent craft business. Learn if this way of selling is right for you from the perspective of a store (the buyer) and a crafter (the seller).
  • The Story of Queen Bee Creations with Rebecca Pearcy – Theater Officially started in 1996, Rebecca slowly grew her bag and accessory business. Hear how this small buisness has grown into the success it is today, complete with employees, a line for babies and a newly launched textile line.

Workshops -

  • Mighty Ugly: Challenge Yourself to Make Some Ugly with Kim Werker – Gym Without even realizing it, since we were kids we’ve taken on some major pressure to create pretty, good-looking, cute, and dare I say even perfect things. When we have a tough time of it, sometimes we give up. We limit our crafting to the techniques and mediums we feel most confident with. We judge ourselves harshly enough that we even feel great stress. Well let’s turn all that upside-down, shall we? Come spend an hour making a creature that’s hideous. On purpose. Free your mind. Giggle nervously. Relax into the safety of failure, which in this case is kinda pretty. It’s the Mighty Ugly project, and it’s time you took the challenge.
  • Jewelry making with Susan Beal – Gym In this workshop, Susan will walk you through the basics of jewelry making. Have fun with your new knowledge by creating a personal accessory.

12 pm Lunch and Craftnote address with Pat Castaldo and Aaron Tuller

1:00 pm Afternoon Sessions

Learning Sessions -

  • Collaboration and commissioned work with Ryan and Lucy Berkley and Leah Pellegrini – Jordan Learn what it takes to work with others on projects. What are the pros and cons of working one on one as a creative team and with a group. This session will also highlight the ins and outs of client work and how to keep true to your style of work while delivering on a project.
  • Writing and Publishing with Susan Beal – Parsons Crafters have a thirst for knowledge- everything from artistic experiences, tutorials and insights is sought after. Susan will discuss how getting published can be another form of revenue for your craft and tips and tricks of working with a publisher.
  • Selling Online with Danielle Maveal* – Theater In this session, learn what it takes to make your products standout from the clutter that is the internet and run a successful online store.

Workshops -

  • Glass etching with Amanda Siska – Gym Join Amanda as she demonstrates a version of her main craft – glass etching. Learn how to use glass etching cream and create a fun project from a stencil.
  • Embellishment with Jen Neitzel – Gym In this fun workshop, Jen will teach you some fun and funky embellishment techniques to spice up some of your plain wardrobe pieces. Please bring a shirt, skirt, sweater or clothing item of your choice to embellish.

2:30 pm Afternoon Sessions

Learning Sessions -

  • Starting your Crafty Business with Kari Chapin – Jordan Do you have what it takes to make your creative outlet into your bread and butter? Do you even want to transform your hobby into a salable product? Highlights in this session will include how to think through your business model, researching the marketplace and asking yourself the hard questions.
  • How to pitch a magazine or blog with Kim Werker and Jena Coray* – Parsons Every crafty entrepreneur loves press coverage, but you can’t wait for the press to find you – you have to knock right on the virtual door of media outlets and introduce yourself! We’ll discuss how to pitch your shop and products to blogs and magazines: which publications you should pitch to, the dos and don’ts to include in your intro email, what to expect, how to follow up, how to approach an editor or blogger about writing an article or a guest post, and much more. You’ll find the confidence you need to get out there and start showing the press how awesome you are!
  • Creatives in Business: Dodging Pitfalls, Leveraging Strengths with Bridget Benton – Library We often live up to our right brained stereotype: we’re good at being creative and making things, but not so much on the organization and business-y side of things. In this session, learn how to take your creative side and use it to help your business side.
  • An Open Conversation on Working with Museums with Namita Wiggers – Theater Have you ever thought of your work as museum worthy? Namita will lead this open discussion on what museums look for when organizing exhibitions and developing collections, and how can you present your work for consideration for museum projects.

Workshops -

  • Craft Throwdown Hour with Kim Dorn and Christine Ernest – Gym Compete with fellow Summit of Awesome registrants and stretch your quick-thinking creative powers at the Craft Throwdown Hour. This competition has three categories — hair accessories, pillow cases and bunting. In addition to being the prestigious Craft Throwdown champion, the winner receives a BuyOlympia gift certificate to Land Gallery.

3:45 pm Afternoon Sessions

Learning sessions –

  • Blog tune up with Diane Gilleland – Library In this small session, get a chance for some hands on blog advice. Attendees will have the opportunity to analyze each others blogs in detail looking at three angles: how the blog looks, how it reads, and how it engages in the community. This session is limited to 12.
  • Copy right and Trademark. How to protect yourself and your work with Kohel Haver – Jordan With the lightening fast speed of the internet, it is even more important today to protect your ideas. Learn the hows and whys of copyright, trademark and the difference between the two.
  • Branding and Product Development with Ryan McAbery and Marlo Miyashiro* – Parsons Need to take your business to the next level? This session will focus on branding your online presence, product development and pricing for profit. Participants are welcome to bring a product sample for a chance to discuss them after a short lecture.

Workshops -

  • Plush making with Heidi Kenney – Gym Make a plush fortune cookie that you can easily customize in this hands on workshop. Learn simple sewing techniques and how plush is made.
  • Book Making with Mark Montano – Gym Join Mark to make a fun, thrifty and eco-friendly project perfect for yourself or to give as a gift. This session is limited to 15 people.

5 pm Dinner on your own

8 pm Party at Land Gallery (3925 N Mississippi Avenue)
Leave the Kennedy School for Alberta Street, and join your fellow Summitgoers at this networking event at BuyOlympia’s Retail Store and Art Gallery, Land. Get a chance to mingle with fellow crafters and speakers at one of the cutest shops ever. Buy handmade souvenirs, make your own buttons, do some screen printing & enjoy tasty refreshments while getting to know your fellow crafting comrades.

Friday June 18

8:30 am Check in and Breakfast – Kennedy School

9 am Make Something Awesome Area opens – Gym

9:15 am Morning Announcements – Theater

9:30 am Morning Sessions

Learning Sessions –

  • Time management for Crafty Folk with Elizabeth Newell – Jordan Learn some tips and tricks from a chronic multitasker on how to organize your multiple commitments to get more out of your day, your week and your life.
  • Owning your Awesomeness with Kelly Rand – Library Do you say thank you when offered a compliment, or do you stammer with an: oh, well, gee, it’s nothing really. If you are the latter, you need to know and own your own awesomeness. We each have individual experiences and expertise that should be shared with the world in a confident and fearless way.
  • Event Sponsorship with Christy Petterson and Kim Dorn – Parsons Looking to take your crafty event to the next level? Learn how sponsorship can help build relationships with the community and help with your finances. Session highlights include how to approach potential sponsors and the pros and cons of big and national versus small and local.
  • The Story of Modish with Jena Coray – Theater Jena Coray has been blogging at Modish since 2006 on handmade and vintage goods, art, photography, indie fashion, style muses and personal inspirations. Modish Biztips then came from her want to support and connect with her fellow creative business people. Come hear Jena’s story about working towards making a living off your own creations.

Workshops -

  • Needle Felting with Jaime Chan – Gym In this hand ons workshops learn how wool can be needled into shape to create fun and beautiful objects.
  • Photographing your work with your own camera with Lee Meredith – Gym Lights, camera, action! Lee will share her tips and tricks for how best to photograph your work. Bring your own digital camera and learn how to stage, frame and light your craft.

11:00 am Morning Sessions

Learning Sessions –

  • Craft fair applications with Kelly Rand and Sara Dick – Library In this session, Kelly and Sara will share some tips to preparing a thorough craft fair application meant to help your crafty biz stand out from the crowd. Learn to choose the right fair for you, what juries look for and how to handle rejection.
  • Taking the Pressure Off: When Ugly is Mighty with Kim Werker – Jordan Ever have crafts block? The ideas dry up, even when you feel huge pressure to be making things for business or just for fun. Ever have an idea for a new product, but you can’t quite seem to make it look or feel right? Of course you have. As crafters, we spend much of our time striving for beauty and even for perfection, and we avoid the squirmy uncomfortableness that comes with exploring beauty’s nasty underbelly: hideousness. So let’s talk about ugly stuff. If we allow ourselves to go there, we can end up inspired in ways we never imagined, fearless and fuelled up to create magnificently beautiful things. That’s what this talk is about. You should come.
  • Craft fair organizing with Jaime Chan, Cathy Pitters and Torie Nguyen – Parsons This crack team will impart their knowledge on how to organize a craft fair. Highlights include exploring fair models and event planning basics.
  • Best of Etsy Success with Danielle Maveal* – Theater With over 3 million users, Etsy the online market place can sometimes be a bear to navigate. In this session, Danielle will review the best of the best of Etsy Success stories, chock full of helpful business advice and common sense solutions on how to make your shop run in tip top shape.

Workshops -

  • Mandalas on vinyl records with Christine Claringbold – Gym Mandalas are often considered sacred and in this workshop you’ll create a bright and lovely mandala on a reclaimed vinyl record.
  • Make a Cup Glove with Becky Striepe – Gym Using reclaimed fabric, hand sew a fun and reuseable cup glove designed to keep your fingers burn free when getting that cup of hot coffee or tea.

12:30 pm Lunch with Craftnote speaker Mark Montano

1:45pm Afternoon Sessions

Learning Sessions –

  • Mobile credit card options with Willo O’Brien and Caitlin Phillips – Gym Learn the ins and outs of accepting credit cards at craft shows, or anywhere! We will discuss the pros and cons of integrating credit card processing into your bookkeeping process, handling chargebacks, and more. Various mobile credit card processors will be reviewed, including PayPal, ProPay, and the new in-high-demand Square. We will even have a few Square devices there, enabling Summit of Awesome attendees to sign up and get started, right on the spot!
  • The Creative Community with Cathy Pitters, Torie Nguyen, Christine Claringbold and Rebecca Kerr* – Jordan This panel will explore what a healthy creative community looks like; from craft fair organizers, nonprofit organizations and induvidual artists. Hear how each interacts and supports one another for a thriving artist community.
  • Publishing your own patterns with Lee Meredith – Parsons Do you like to design your own clothes and like to experiment with different techniques, methods and styles? Do you want to share your patterns with the world but not sure where to start? Lee will walk you through the world of self publishing including some tips and tricks on pattern writing and distribution.
  • The Story of the Black Apple with Emily Martin – Theater The Black Apple started small and grew into a full time, full-blown endeavor run by one Emily Martin. Come hear how a lot of hard work and a need for variety helped propel this business into stardom.

3:00 pm Closing Remarks – Theater

3:30 pm Class Photo

4:00 pm Dinner on your own

4:00 pm PDX Progressive Day of Crafty
Grab a passport and shop-hop surrounding neighborhoods, enjoy specials, discounts, live crafts and refreshments! Local crafters in a vendor gallery, vintage and specialty shopping abound during the PDX Progressive Day of Crafty in honor of Etsy’s anniversary. Drop in at any of the stores, at anytime during the celebration and collect stamps for your passport destinations along the way! The PDX Progressive Party runs until 9:00 pm. For more information visit www.pdx61810dayofcraft.blogspot.com

Saturday June 19

10 am – 3 pm Show of Awesome – Doug Fir Lounge (830 E Burnside)
Crafty superstars from across the country will be selling handmade goodness downstairs at the Doug Fir Lounge. This handmade shopping event features 40 local and national vendors, a few crafty authors, free DIY projects at the Make Something Awesome Area and yummy drinks.

* These sessions with be broadcast live in the Etsy virtual labs with Danielle Maveal.

*Schedule is subject to change

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