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Monday, March 7, 2011 9:22

Every Monday, Hello Craft Directors present our favorite picks of the week from the creative community. We’ll dish what’s caught our eyes at the moment from giveaways, blog postings and shop offerings, to the latest tools, crafty instructions and happening shows.

Toy Predictions
Toy Marketers to Promote Social and Performance Play in 2011
Ad-ology has posted this year’s marketing forecast for toys. If you’re one of the thousands of independent toy makers in the US, you’ll want to pay attention to the current trends that will dominate this year’s market. The good news is that parents will be looking for toys that promote real life social skills, and have educational aspects to them that relate to the sciences. Included in the trends are toys that work with apps and gadgets that will get kids moving on their feet instead of sinking into a couch.  If you’re one of the thousands of independent toy makers in this country, and want the jump on new ideas for your line, this forecast is worth a read.

Raising a Crafty, Business-Minded Kid
Five Tips for Raising a Young Entrepreneur
As we’ve see our crafty friends having kids throughout the years, we’ve watched a handful of them grow up on the craft fair circuit, and go from being their parents little helpers to actively designing shirt prints and selling their own works of art at their parents’ booths. While it’s great to see kids being crafty, selling at craft fairs is also a great way to teach kids about how the economy works on a basic level, and provides a nice backdrop for future financial aspirations. In this Intuit article by Kathryn Hawkins, 5 sensible tips are laid out for how to raise a young entrepreneur. This simple list is great for those crafty moms and dads raising young makers, and not just the Alex P. Keatons of the world.

Selling Your Wares on Facebook
Facebook ‘pop up’ stores latest social media trend
We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest selling platforms. When we heard that Facebook had launched its own Store app, we were instantly intrigued. As most of us use Facebook as a means to promote our store(s), it seems like a natural fit to also sell there as well, creating one less step on the shopping chain. However, knowing all the privacy issues and limitations from using Facebook on a daily social basis, this store app might not be the best selling platform for everyone. As we are always looking for ways to enhance and simplify our customers’ shopping experiences, so this type of app is on the right path. The jury is still out on this app, but is intriguing none the less.

Decoding QR Codes for your Business
How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business
It’s always best to stay ahead of the curve when using web-based tools to enhance your sales. Using QR Codes is a great way to seem tech savvy without being so. A QR Code is a tiny 2-D image that anyone can scan using any smartphone, to pull up your shop, blog, coupons etc.  In this Social Examiner article, Jeff Korhan spells out in layman’s terms, what open source QR Codes are, how they differ from MS tags and when and why you should use them for your business.  QR Codes are great for crafters to post at their booths at craft shows, to provide shoppers a way to immediately connect with their business. Check out the photo examples in this article of where and how the QR Codes are being used. While these codes have been used in Japan (where they were created), over the last decade, this is still an upward trend in the US. Hop on it!

Photo: Kim Dorn

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