Directors’ Picks

Monday, December 27, 2010 14:45

Director's Picks
Every Monday, Hello Craft Directors present our favorite picks of the week from the creative community. We’ll dish what’s caught our eyes at the moment from giveaways, blog postings, and shop offerings, to the latest tools, crafty instructions and happening shows.

This weeks picks:

Taking Plastic
Girls Can Tell
Any crafter who can process credit cards on-site will tell you that being able to accept plastic at craft shows definitely helps with sales. However, on the back end of things, sometimes getting to those funds can be a long wait or a headache in the making. Sara Selepouchin, of Girls Can Tell, shares a great info-graphic on her blog that she found through Twitter. The graphic shows the path of your credit card funds though all its twists and turn, in a simple, well laid-out way.

Tell Your Story
The Fiction Project
Calling all zine makers, comic-book writers, diarists, poets and storytellers: The Fiction Project need your work for it’s traveling library show. This project is a fantastic opportunity to tell and shares stories from across the country using text and visual art. The 2011 coast-to-coast tour has been set, and after traveling across the country, the Fiction Project will enter into the Brooklyn Art Library’s narrative collection, archiving all the stories to share with the public. The participation fee is $25 and includes a Moleskine book for you to write in. Each book has its own barcode, which will allow you to see where your book is during the tour, as well as how many times it’s been read…. and that’s pretty darn cool.

Free Business Mentoring
Whether you’re a part-time crafter just starting to sell at craft shows or you’re an entrepreneur looking to open up your first boutique, having a concrete business plan is a must. While there are lots of friends to consult and lawyers to deal with, it’s best to be able to talk to someone who has had success in the business world, and can help get you started on the right path. That’s where MicroMentor come in. This free, online service connects business professionals (who donate their time and knowledge), with entrepreneurs, to share one-on-one advice to help build successful businesses. This is a great resource for anyone looking to grow their business as well as their revenue streams.

Handmade Snow Ice Cream
Crafting a Green World
With a blanket of snow rocking the Northeast, this timely article on Crafting a Green World share awesome tips and links on how to upcycle the abundance of white stuff to make your own yummy snow ice cream. The recipes are pretty simple and you probably own all the ingredients already (coffee creamers, vanilla extract, etc). This is a fun and inexpensive crafting activity for kids and adults alike.

Smartphones and Business
Small Business Trends
Business mobility is becoming a necessity. Between credit card-taking devices, business apps and social networking, there is no limit to how much of your business your can conduct on the road… which comes in handy during the busy if not crazy summer craft fair season. In this Small Business Trends article, TJ McCue, dishes on tips and programs you can utilize with your smartphone to help you save money on your business while on the road. For those constantly on the craft fair circuit, this is a great way to stay in touch and conduct business matters on the cheap.

Neat-O Book
N.E.E.T. The Book
N.E.E.T. Magazine has been an online fixture in the handmade community since 2005. To celebrate its 5th-year anniversary, the magazine has come out with a retrospective book by 5 writers, who highlight 5 people, 5 shops, 5 bloggers, 5 photographers and 5 homes. For anyone in the indie crafting biz, you’ll recognize at least a few names and get swept up in the cute design and layout of the book. The same book can be bought in either the hardback or the cheaper soft cover versions, as well as relish in the choice of cover art from 5 different artists.

Photo: Kim Dorn

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A Baltimore dweller with DC roots, Kim is the Executive Director of Hello Craft, as well as one of the Festival Creators/Organizers behind the behemoth indie craft fair, Crafty Bastards. With experience in creating, planning, producing, and pulling her hair out for a variety of festivals and crafty endeavors, she's excited to be part of Hello Craft.

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