Crafty White Elephant at Summit of Awesome Welcome Party

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 23:49
Posted by Kelly Rand in category Summit of Awesome

white elephant On Wednesday evening, day one of the Summit of Awesome come mix and mingle with your fellow Summit attendees for a fun filled evening. Get to know your fellow Summit goers and participate in the Awesome Crafty White Elephant swap; an exciting handmade twist on the classic holiday gift swap!

To participate, bring a handmade item created by you or someone you admire. Please make sure this lucky item is valued at no more than $15 and wrap this goody in fun and pretty packaging.

At the awesome crafty swap, you’ll relinquish your handmade gift and put your name in a hat. All participants will sit in a circle for the game.

A name will be picked from the hat at random and will begin the swapping process. This person will go and select a wrapped gift and open it and then the person sitting to the left of them will select the next item.

This new person will go and select a gift and unwrap it. This person now has the opportunity to either stay with the gift they opened or swap with any of the previously opened gifts. They will have a time limit to decide and to swap. The swap will continue in this order, following the circle clockwise, until all the items are opened.

Here are the house rules: We know there are many ways to play the white elephant game, but these are the rules we are going to play by. Opened items will have a swap limit meaning that items will be considered out of play when they have been swapped twice. At that point they will no longer be able to be swapped. This first name drawn is kind of out of luck, and the person sitting last in the circle is gold.

We can’t wait to start the Summit with this fast and fun game of handmade swapping goodness!

Photo: Kelly Rand

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