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Friday, June 5, 2009 15:32
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My friends Lisa and Jonah visited me at Handmade Mart this past weekend, where I was selling my crafty stuff. It was a really well attended show that brought in a brand new crowd of shoppers.

Sometimes I feel bad when my friends come out to see me at a show because I worry that they are bored seeing the same things over and over again. So I was interested when Jonah sorta brought this up. He mentioned to me that while he is really excited by the DIY spirit of the handmade movement, he is interested in buying more “useful” items. That he would like to be able to find handmade hub cabs or whatever he may actually need. That while he loves things like badges and t-shirts, he doesn’t feel like he needs anymore of those. I pressed him a little on what kinds of things he is looking for and we all sorta drew a blank.

So I decided to search for some useful things for Jonah. Here’s what I found.

1. Remodeling the bathroom? You may need this Wall Mount Pine Double Roll Toilet Paper Holder / Magazine Rack by ctmillwork for just $34.99. Screw you, Home Depot.

2. More remodeling to do? How about this Unicorns are People Too Switch Plate by nowvember for $8.

3. Replace the plastic bags forever with SIX PACK Paper or Plastic No Thank You upcycled t-shirt grocery bags by zJayne.

4. I don’t know anyone who wears a tie unless they have to. So if you have to wear a tie for that event, there’s no reason to just get one in a store. Check out Toybreaker for handmade ties that don’t suck like this one for $30.

5. Everyone needs deodorant, right? I love the soap products from New Jersey based Bunny Butt Apothecary. But it looks like they are now in the deodorant business, too.

6. Why pick up a boring thumb drive at Best Buy when you can get one made with a real stick like this 4gb flash drive from Woodtec ($62)?

7. Need a new dog collar? Totally get a handmade one for $15.50 from Retro Animals.

8. I never know that I need a clip board until the minute that I do, so I picked up one of these circuit board clip boards ($18.50) from Debby Arem Designs

Finding this list has made me think more about what handmade items I want vs. the ones that I actually need. Hopefully it will make me make my handmade shopping more “need-based” in the future. But when it comes to handmade stuffs, the “wants” are so awesome it is hard to say no!

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