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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 20:13
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Rebound Designs is the crafty alter-ego of DC-area native Caitlin Phillips. Best known for her instantly recognizable “Book Purses”, handcrafted purses made from old hardback books, Caitlin has dedicated herself to the rescue and transformation of all unwanted literature. Each purse begins with a hardback book, which can be anything from a well-loved children’s classic to an out-of-date scientific textbook. After selecting fabric and handles, it is reborn as a beautiful, unique handbag, combining fashion with an appreciation for the literary.

Most of the books that come her way are otherwise unwanted, gleaned from library sales and thrift stores, but Caitlin also creates custom pieces from clients’ personal selections. Her handbags are available on her website,, as well as her newest creation, the Paperback Wallet, in her Etsy shop,
Rebound Designs has become a staple of the historic Eastern Market on DC’s Capitol Hill, one of the longest running Artist and Farmers Markets in the country. All of her work is made in her home studio in the Mount Rainier Artist Lofts in Maryland.

Prior to creating Rebound Designs, Caitlin was an English and Drama Major at Tufts University, and after graduation had 5 years of successful direct sales experience. While entirely self taught as an artist, her previous sales experience has served her well, as she currently does craft shows most every weekend of the year.

We are excited to have Caitlin speaking on two topics at the Summit: Customer Service. Crafting with a Smile and Craft Fair Booth Set up and Displays.

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