What’s a Summit of Awesome Anyway?

Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:35
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By now, you’ve probably gathered that the Summit of Awesome is about handmade awesomeness.  Still wondering what all the fuss is about and what type of people should attend the Summit of Awesome?  Keep reading for a brief background and a peek at the super awesome crafters and indie craft leaders that have signed on to speak or host a workshop. We are still confirming speakers, so stay tuned for updates!

Some Background

Inspired after the first Craft Congress, Kim & I babbled the entire ride home from Pittsburgh about all the exciting things happening in the craft world and the awesome people we met.  And brainstormed different workshops and seminars for crafters like the ones we had attended.  We came back, babbled about the awesomeness to others and life went on (read Christy Petterson’s informative review on GetCrafty.com for more about Craft Congress 2007).

The following year, Kim & I flew out to San Francisco for Craft Con 2008, where we hosted a workshop on craft fair sponsorship.  We met many people doing amazing things in the craft world and acquired practical knowledge useful to any small business or marketer (read more about Craft Con 2008 from Autumn Wiggins on Crafting a Green World).  Inspiration came rushing back along with the desire to share this experience with other crafters.

Upon meeting fellow DCite Kelly Rand, we knew we had found a willing cohort and quickly conspired with Tina Seamonster to form Hello Craft.  We started meeting over the summer and set this as our mission:

Hello Craft is dedicated to the advancement of independent crafters and the handmade movement, as well as empowering small business owners and educating the public to the benefits of buying handmade and teaching the joys of making.

Hello Craft aims to bring together crafters and makers to learn and grow as a community. In 2009, Hello Craft will convene all interested in advocating for and advancing the handmade community at a summit that will take place in Washington D.C.

The future of making is in your hands.

So, for me, the Summit of Awesome is an old idea coming to life and I can’t wait!  It’s an opportunity to invite all the wonderful crafters, business owners and generally awesome and inspiring people we’ve met over the years to come to D.C. and not only share their experiences, but to meet each other.  This truly is the best part and I think one of the keys to the success of the indie craft community: it’s about connections and building relationships and learning from each other. The Summit of Awesome is a chance to learn, make and socialize without the distractions of minding a booth or filling orders and I sure hope you can make it!

Summit of Awesome Speakers (partial list)

We’re working hard to finalize the schedule and will post it here as soon as it is ready.  Here’s a taste of who will be speaking and hosting workshops to get you excited (this is by no means a full and final list).

There will also be demos and hands on workshops with these awesome crafters:

Plus, the DC premiere of the highly anticipated documentary, Handmade Nation will be Friday night and more awesomeness we can’t tell you about just yet.

Remember, space at the Summit of Awesome is limited.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit the Hello Craft Shop and register today!

Email hellocraftinfo@gmail.com with questions.  Join the email list or watch the blog for more Summit of Awesome updates and announcements.

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