nostalgia in lace

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:07
Posted by Joetta Maue in category Contemporary Craft



When I first discovered artist Dorie Millerson’s needlepoint lace work…my heart swooned.
Not only is her work technically beautiful and structurally amazing… but the emotional pull of the nostalgic imagery is powerful a one on your heart strings.

Dorie’s studio practice uses stitched and constructed works to discuss the “potential for interlacement” within the human experience.  Her work is specifically interested in themes of attachment and memory.


I  personally love the simplicity of the stories in her attachments series.  The way in which the works are installed complement the theme of memory.  Dorie suspends the small piece of lace work, which allows her to powerfully light it.  Therefore, creating a double of the image, one being the actual work, the other being the shadow.  This doubling is much like memory where the lines of reality and fiction blur into the unique moment of remembering.


Dorie’s work is truly inspiring in both its exceptional technique and subtle story.  I would be delighted to have it added to my collection.

Photo: Joetta Maue

About Joetta Maue

Joetta Maue is a mixed media artist primarily using photography, text, and fiber practices. Her most recent body of work is a series of embroideries and images exploring the conflicts and contradictions that exist within intimacy. Joetta’s work resides within the realm of the everyday, everyday objects, autobiography, and the female. She is especially interested in the role of personal relationships in our lives, seen in our most intimate moments and spaces.

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